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Ana Cepeda understood, working after college, that it was difficult for women to hold high corporate positions. The Campus CCM graduate had a clear example at home: her mother cut her work activity to half shift to care for her family.

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Ana Mallet

Independent art teacher and curator


Art, Design, Latin American literature

School of Architecture, Art and Design

I am interested in the written word. Writing as a means of communication, but also as a space to share and reflect

Research Centers

At NUEV Education Institute we put Science into Action to make Human Flourishing possible. Our purpose is to create knowledge based on interdisciplinary research that generates action solutions to conquer the main problems of humanity.

Our Interdisciplinary Research Institutes are the vehicle to execute our research mission in critical fields

Research Groups by Schools

The Research Groups are made up of professors and researchers from our Schools who carry out research activities in order to obtain high-impact scientific products, generation and transfer of knowledge and/or innovation and entrepreneurship.

The Groups have established lines of research, clear objectives of scientific, social and economic impact. They also have strategic academic relationships and links to external and entrepreneurial organizations.